La Universidad de La Salle

Bogotá, Colombia, October 11-13

Keynote Speaker: Judith Green (Fordham University)


The Philosophy of the City Research Group is a global community of scholars who are dedicated to understanding the city and urban issues. We invite you to join us for our sixth year. For this conference, zeroing in on the research strands below remains paramount, but we welcome all relevant submissions.

For individual submissions, provide abstracts of 300 words. For panels of 3-4, each abstract should be 200 words. Submissions can be in English or Spanish. Send submissions (prepared for anonymous review) and questions to: [email protected] . Deadline: June 1, 2018. For all other details, see our website at .

Research Strands

This is not an exhaustive list but all submissions should be directly related to philosophy of or about cities.

  • The City in the History of Philosophy
  • Philosophy of/in Urban Planning
  • Engineering and Design Ethics
  • Local or Political Economy
  • Public Space: Democracy, Art, Technology, Common Good
  • Urban and Rural Policy
  • Human & Non-human Rights and Flourishing
  • Democratic Theory and Practice in Municipal Government
  • Migration
  • Urban Justice & The Basic Structure of Society: Housing, Transportation, Smart Cities, Infrastructure, Energy, Water, Food
  • Urban Affairs & Social Identities: Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality
  • Teaching Philosophy of the City and Urban Affairs
  • City Identity


undefined Philosophy of The City Conference Schedule


Registration fees are as follows*:

  • All Full-Time Faculty - Early Bird Pricing: $100 ($103.20 w/service fee).
  • All Full-Time Faculty - After Oct. 5: $130 ($134.07 w/service fee).
  • Graduate Students, Part-time and Adjunct Faculty - Early Bird Pricing: $50 ($51.80 w/service fee).
  • Graduate Students, Part-time and Adjunct Faculty - After Oct. 5: $80 ($82.62 w/service fee).
  • General Admission (non-academic): $80 ($82.62 w/service fee).
  • Pre-Approved Community-Based Organization Members: Free - Email Shane Epting for registration.
  • * No Refunds on Registration Fees


Executive Committee

Shane Epting (President), Ronald Sundstrom (Vice-President), Michael Nagenborg (Secretary), and Jules Simon (Treasurer)


Local Host

Hernando A. Estévez

School of Philosophy and Humanities

Universidad de La Salle



This conference is brought to you by The Philosophy of the City Group.